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Whole Disciples Need a Complete Growth Strategy

Our ultimate goal is developing fully formed followers of Jesus who glorify God in every facet of life. We seek to help churches and mentors to come alongside each member of the body in this spiritual journey through modeling, teaching, and mentorship. Our hope is for the skeptic, new Christian, and mature believer alike to find community, belonging, and opportunities for growth in our discipleship strategy.

Love God

Know His Truth

Serve His Purposes

The Heart, Head, and Hands of a Disciple

A little book for a big journey

The Heart of Being

By starting with the heart, we focus on being before anything else; a being that is only possible through the Spirit of God.

A Head of Knowing

After the heart, we progress to the mind and knowing; knowing the Word and the history and purposes of the church and its mission.

Hands of Serving

Once our hearts and minds are aligned, it’s of paramount importance to be doers of what we know and how we are called to work, help, and lead.







What Is a Whole Disciple?
Who is This For?

While this curriculum aims to strengthen every Christian’s faith and character, an added benefit is the equipping of emerging lay leaders and servants prepared to fill crucial roles in the Body of Christ (Eph. 4:11-16). We desire to build up disciples who both grow personally and contribute to the growth of others.

Skeptics and Seekers

Understanding what it means to be a disciple of Jesus helps people understand who God is and who we were created to be. This is important and imperative information for anyone considering a decision as sweeping as living for Jesus instead of themselves.

New Believers

No matter how you recently came to follow Jesus, it’s amazing that you took that first step! The most important thing now is that you take the next step in growing your heart for God and knowing a faith in Jesus is a growing faith and a working faith; God works in you and through you for His glory. The best time to grow your faith is as it begins to take root!

Lifelong Followers of Jesus

You’ve followed Jesus for awhile now; maybe all of your life. Becoming a whole disciple means that you learn and relearn to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and strength; your heart, head, and hands all equally strong. This requires on-going training and re-evaluation. It also requires you to invest in the discipleship of others regardless of your vocational calling.

Small Group Leaders and Mentors

You’ve embraced the position God has put you in to lead discussion or facilitate people coming together to talk about and learn the things of God. Too many times we can struggle to decide, “What do we study or work on next?” Following the balanced process of working on hearts, heads, and hands ensures that the people who place their spiritual care in your hands become whole disciples and helps you to become a more balanced discipler.

Pastors and Lay Leaders

Not only covering blind spots or weaknesses in your existing discipleship methods, this process and set of tools allows you to address the universal issue that exists in almost every church at some level to answer and solve the question, “Why don’t we have more qualified and healthy leaders in our church?” This process can even allow you to no longer look to other churches to raise up your leaders but provide healthy apprenticeship and succession within your church.

About Michael DiMarco

From working in publisher and ministry relations with the largest Bible software company in the world, to authoring or packaging over 40 non-fiction titles and creating three different Bible concepts, to serving as a pastor for over ten years, I’ve seen firsthand the problem that exists for followers of Jesus needing balanced discipleship but also the frustration of churches not having more qualified lay leaders to share the load.

My little book The Heart, Head, and Hands of a Disciple provides a preview and overview of a wholistic discipleship model for both individuals wanting to grow but also mentors and ministries that want to grow others. I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to state my case for better discipleship in your life and the life of your ministry!

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Discipleship Resources

The Heart, Head, and Hands of a Disciple

A little book outlining a big journey. Shipping February 1st of 2024!

A Multi-Year Curriculum

The curriculum and supporting books and resources will be released in Early 2024. If you want Early Beta access, ask to join our coaching and discipleship cohort!

The easy-to-use and remember TEXT Method makes studying any passage of Scripture feel like a conversation between you, a friend teaching you about the faith, and the God of the universe using four steps.

Stop Walking an Accidental Discipleship Path. Become a Wholehearted, Wholeheaded, Wholehanded Disciple.

Fulsome treatment of each aspect of the discipleship journey could easily fill entire books  (which many excellent resources do!) If you choose to use our curriculum, you’ll not only get our resources on the individual topics but references to works we commend for further optional and deeper study. Do not underestimate the investment required for such intentional disciple making. Time, passionate leaders, and commitment to the discipleship process will be needed to bear fruit. But few investments reap greater eternal rewards!